I would like to place relative picture of present society compared to ancient yera-yug with respect to ancient ethics and norms of life, living and administrative administration of the then time. I have taken support of two main Epics -- RAMAYANA and MAHABHARATA to illustrate the examples. Shreemad Bhagvad is kept in the center to extract the cream of illustrations. Past illustrations examples and imaginary stories are compared with present situation, society and administration also. It has a great inclination and combination of philosophy, psychology, sociology and politics with respect to directive principles of living and life. But if the directions, dictations and instructions are placed directly in terms of dictation or Mandate instructions, it will not be digest-able to common public. The learned group of the society may appreciate or can probably digest but it cannot reach to the minds of Common Man of the society. just to spread the wide range of the heart of mandate it is converted into short stories. It includes facts coated with imaginary views to point out heart of concept. Shakri, Samdi, Garud, jay jay Bava etc are absolutely imaginery but attractive role models of same stories. For intellectual persons, Marriage of Shakri is not digestable. How Shakri manage these much lot of guests in one night? But it is a matter of Trust . The story is ended in a sweet dream just to narrate the story.
Let us see the future role of Shakri.
Let us see watch How Shakri plays her role......


                           Before initiating with the facts and stories connected with Bhagvad compared to present life style and system with norms of ethics included in ancient religious books and epics like RAMAYANA, MAHABHARATA, BHAGWAT, etc. I would like to pay respect and tribute to the Donor of life.  
                             Maybe present generation may not digest the stories of participation, or donation or sparing the life to each other like the story of Satyawan-Sawitri -- But it is in the episode. Just about 500 years back role by 'Babar' and 'Humayun'. Where serious sickness surrounded Humayun was on death bed. The Almighty God was requested by his father to exchange the life: Babar, The King of Moghal Empire in the capacity of a father of Humayun has donated his life to his son : Miracle happened and Humayun was survived - Babar left his life. The fact - Yes fact supported by history if not by any present eye witness.

                              But here, I will pay tribute to such a versatile figure supported by present eye witness of donation and exchange of life : She is Mrs. Hiraben Ramanlal Parikh - my mother : The versatile lady : I have no words to appreciate her capacity, caliber, domination, controlling power and status, image, trustworthiness, trust to God, helping nature, smiling features etc etc. Mother cannot be measured with the features whatsoever and how so ever she is : She is Mother : She can be measured only in terms of love and affection to children. She served more love and affection to surrounding relative children even more than her own children. Those children even at grown up stage also respected her : Yes more than her own children. 

                              Unfortunately, her son was on death bed. She prayed and requested her highness : The Goddess: to influence to her brother : the God of Death : Yamraja: to offer exchange of life : Brother had not only neglected as argued against but immediately accepted her demand and ordered his messenger to leave the person on death bed and bring his mother on behalf of him. Everybody-- all relatives& others were astonished - not shocked - How it Happened!!  But yes exchange offer is accepted by the God Of Death . the Historical Event of present Kalyug. I was survived : but lost my Mother.

                           I have nothing to place before her : I could not touch even her feet at the time of her last Journey . Even I could not see her face at her departure : I was confined to the bed & locked in room. Today also I have nothing except tears in the eyes..

                             First vote of thanks goes to my mother and joint vote goes to my father who under critical conditions had supported my higher education: Within the range of salary of Rs 180 per month. He took responsibilities of my studies.
                            I must take cognizance of the editor of local newspaper HUM-LOG, Shri Manish Khamar and his father Mahendra Khamar who had published episodes of Articles regularly in his Daily News Paper right from 1992 to such occasional events.

                            Now with the blessing of all, I would like to start to initiate the episodes.

  It is so said that ladies have tackled responsibilities of two families but it is observed that right from the beginning of marital status, her all inclinations goes towards her parental direction. But this Madam had not only taken care of both the families but also taken care of adjoining families of parental and in laws side families : It is great : The Great Madam.


                He is a smart handsome youth of seventy plus having good eloquence, once a while in chatting with me disclosed his mind: Today identity is son of you father: Be broad to accept the identity for tomorrow as father of son-sir : Today your dress is proved broader for father but the same dress was broader for you which was meant for your father. Dress is same; identity is same but developments differ.  Once a while one son told to his Dad -Look Dad –this is my son-He has 10 jerseys 12 Jeans, 15 shirts – This is my daughter. I bought and brought so dresses for her .she never repeat one dress. While you were not even sparing two rupees for my pocket money when your companion’s son was always bringing ten rupees daily. Be broad to digest the comment: That Predecessor’s son is running small ice-cream van while successor’s son is awarded with Doctorate Yes: the next generation of the series has also passed comment. My neighbor always keeps 50 Rupees note in his Pocket and Enjoys Snacks, and all the junk food like Pizza etc. always. But commentator is never admitted to hospital while Pizza Personality has visited number of hospital as a VIP guest!! Learned, smart handsome youth of seventy plus is an indirect witness.


                           He is a smart, handsome youth of seventy plus having good eloquence, once a while chatting with me disclosed his mind: Today your identity is son of your father : Be broad to accept the identity for tomorrow as father of son-sir: Today your dress is proved broader for father but the same dress was broader for you which was meant for your father. Dress is same, identity is same, but development differs. Once a while one son told to his Dad - Look Dad - This is my son  - He has 10 jerseys, 12 Jeans , 15 shirts - This is my loving daughter - I bought 50 dresses for her - She never repeat any dress. While you  were not even sparing two rupees for my pocket money when your predecessors'  sons was always bringing ten rupees daily. Be broad to accept     

DIscarded Mother

I am in the centre of the isseue . But nobody cares for my opinion . I am same  woman who has given a birth for child and it was absolutely attached with  me : for starting years child was possessive form mother only and i was possessive for child : No way , No would between us : But days passes grown up child has his own world and i am started discarded . I cannot pass any comment for the reason of changes :My limitations my inabilities , my expectation : whatever it may be : I pass tears only with a memory: A day was there when child  was not remaining away for a moment away foe a moment from me . Now the days are here when the same grown up child is not willing to see my face where should I go to pass my tears ?
                                    One Discarded Mother 

Dream Marriage

           Shakri was playing with street friends in the street. During the time one marriage procession came and there was found a big celebration, number of persons were singing and dancin. Shakri astonished and ran down to her mother asking about the reason of celebration. It is a marriage ceremony of gauri of our street so replied b the mother shakri reacte. What about my marriage? Mother also reacted: go to your PAPAJI he will manage for your marriage,it is his duty: He has kept you in hands: in short he is insticating you always, Shakri can't follow the sarcestic tone, but ran down to papaji asking for her marriage. Papaji also astonished but keeping calm first, told shakri to bring the list of relatives and friends to be invited so that card can be prepared and distributed but remember as per our family tradition, first invitation is to be given to Jey Jey Bava (GOD). Shakri immediately ran down to Jey Jey Bava's residence, temple, asked his P.T. the priest, for the postal address of jay jay bava. P.A. also astonishe: askedd the reason for address shakri had repeated the story. Priest the PA smiled and told look shakri there are thousand names of our jay jay bava on which name and which bava is to be invited? Shakri replied all of these thousand to be invited and told papaji to prepare thousand invitation card for jay jay bava.
        Cards prepared and distributed amongst all to invite them on celebration. Jay jay bava has received the card and on to attend the celebration, he was bury for his make up. During the time Naradji came and exclaimed oh my dear jay jay bava Are you preparin for your another Marriage?Bava smiled and repled you fool have some sense. If laxmiji will listen havoc will be there. But laxmiji listened th talk and ran down what is this? Jay jay bava told cool down both of you I am not preparing for my marriage it is just to attend th function of shakri's marriage. Both of them told we also want to attend function jay jay bava told OK. I have thousand invitation call upon all these you desire. Narad go to Brahmaji call them and then we will start. Brigade is now ready and went ot kailash to call Shivji. Shivji has also reacted the same: Are Bavaji you are going for another marriage? Once again bavaji told No No Mahadevji. How can I dare in presence of Laxmiji. This is just to attend marriage celebratuion function of our Shakri come on get prepared and acompany us. Shivji started immediately without any make up. But Parvatiji shouted: wait I will take time to be ready. Ganesh from home ground and expected sweet balls ceremany. Kartikey came and insisted to attend.A big brigade startyed for function from Kailash to Mangal Park. Liiking to the big brigade of shivji and jay jay bava small teams of draculas and ghosts also jioned singing and dancing a big ceremony function started under leadership of jay jay bava and team.
      Wait for celebration which you have never seen, never heard in past never dreamed.
       Yes wait for a big dream celebration. 

Contd.:- Dream Marriage.

     There is a big ceremony atmosphere. Roads of Mangal Park are blocked due to procession and guest of honours. There is a big noise of singing and dancing and crowd of public also joined the stepping of dances with a big crowd and noise all of a sudden shakri's father shouted what is this? Shakrireparted Papa procession arrived let us manage for their stay and party dinner. Papa annoyed and ordered shakri to send back the procession. I can't manage dinner and reception I can't afford it so immediately drive them away. Listening the mandate of his father shakri ran down to papaji with tears in eyes and reported the facts and papaji has advised her to go to jay jay bava to solve the proble. Shakri went to jay jay bava and started to cry. But jay jay bava had solved her problem. He gave one cooker to shakri and instructed you can get as much quantity as you required for any item, including sitting arrangements, golden vessals and utansils any item of menu, sweets, spices and other hundreds of items of dinner with stall to serve there will be only condition cooker will give everything till you don't use it.
     Shakri tried to test she demanded bridal dress and to a greatest astonishment shakri became fairy bride within no moments mangal park is converted into a big party plot with full decoration. Arrangements for dinner is completed and guests are invited to take dinner. Surrounding spectators are also invited to take dinner. And with a great wonder whole city became guest of dinner. Golden sheet-pat las, golden utensils : Thousand of varieties of sweets and farasans, vegetables etc. As a result of wide spread nearly number of vehicles came from other cities. All were satisfied, during the period same planes came from abroad: America, France, England,Germany, Japan. Mangal Park is converted into a big international air port. Everybody joyfully enjoyed the marriage.
     Now Shakri tired and started to cry one again. She was also hungry but can't take anything due to condition of cooker. Once again she went to Jay Jay Bava. Oh shakri, now what is problem? Everybody is happy.See, Ganeshji is dancing with sweet balls, naradji also singing, apsaras are dancing. Look to the precious presents from Gods. Shakri told but I am hungry. I want to eat now. If I will eat what will be the position of other guests? Oh don't worry there is solution with me, open your mouth, jay jay bava gave a piece of sweet in her mouth, shakri became fresh. Flow of visitors guests and press reporters, media persons contunued for the full time. Now shakri started dozing and she won't remember when she slept!!!!!
     By late morning, she shouted: where are the planes? What about guests? Where is jay jay bava? She started crying once again. All the members started laughing at shakri. Mummy told- look papaji your shakri became mad. She speaks unevenly- shakri went to papaji and told the history. Papaji smiled and told:-
Don't worry, it was a sweet dream of Shakri...............


     This is meant for Philosophers, Sociologists, Psychologist, Academicians, teachers, industrialist and all other persons of intelligent using to pass their comment on the subject issue.

     The Mother: Who so even she may be, where so even she may be, how so even she may be what so even she may be, whether she may by young, old, intelligent, dull, beautiful, smart, rough, black white etc etc.... with all contrasts and controversies but in the status and capacity of MOTHER she is always versatile, reverent, respectable, honorable, pion without any bias and prejudice.
     But unfortunately the real picture of mother is pitiable. she is also a lady - a female - always found dependable. Under fatehr during childhood, under husband during young age, under grown up children during old age. None of all these three stages superious has any calculation of the damages suffered by the lady during her three tenures of life. She had maintained the unborne child in her abdomen for nine months, also taken care for that child after its birth not only for nine months. For nine years- nineteen years, even up to ninety years. But none has or at any stage any consideration for her efforts, efficiency and losses she had suffered during the life time. Contrary to the situation she is always donor in the capacity of mother.
     There are number of examples of number of miracles for number of personalities, believable or unbelievable, incidents. But if such miracles is on the name of mother, intelligent group will suspect. During the life time of saint Satya Sai Baba, there are no. of such miracles, is the latest history of the facts and he has been honored like anything but the one mother, who had exchanged her life against the life of her son to survive him from the edge of death bed has not properly consider. It was an effort of old mother to bring pressure on God of death the yamaraja through her plows Goddees: her Excellency: YAMUNAJI - MAHARANIJI= and offered her life to save the life of her son and ultimately saved the life of her son and accompanied the messengers of YAM RAJA. it si on the pages of history that Babar has given sacrifice of his life for HUMAYU. But there is no specific note of old Mother Hiraben who had sacrificed her life for her first son the writer of this Blog. At least I pay HOMAGE to my Mother at this stage on the occasion of MOTHER'S DAY.................